Visit Russia by yacht easily

We understand the increasing demands challenges of managing and a modern superyacht, especially when it’s about destinations which just started to welcome private sea travellers. Today, Russia opens its sea borders and we provide a broad range of expertise in our home harbour St. Petersburg. Our services are customized to every client’s need at every stage of voyage:


• Visa service and all necessary paperwork incl. invitation.
• Insurance.
• Tourism arrangements, exclusive excursions planning.
• Itinerary planning and provision with nautical maps in electronic form to easily navigate in the Russia’s inland waters.
• Information brochure incl. all the rules and requirements when entering the waters of the seaports "The Big Port of St. Petersburg" and "The Passenger Port of St. Petersburg".


• Coordination of the date, time, itinerary and fairway to ensure the safe passage of the vessel within the port area.
• Customs & Immigration Procedures.
• Yacht clearance & formalities.
• Timely payment of port fees.
• Language support.
• Berth reservation.
• Russian speaking p Navigating services.
• Tugboats as well as pilotage when if necessary.
• 24-hour concierge service and legal support.


• Connection to power & water supply systems.
• Technical services, maintenance and repair of onboard systems and hull of the yacht.
• Bunkering - fuel, technical water, disposal of various wastes.
• Fresh provisions & supplies.
• Cleaning services.
• Communication services and the Internet.
• Hotel & restaurant reservations.
• Assistance in insurance claims.
• 24-hour concierge service.
• Russian speaking p Navigating services.


• Exclusive guided tours and museums.
• Sports and recreational activities related to water (canoeing or SUP across St. Petersburg city channels).
• Gourmet events.
• Shows and concerts.

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